"4 Gospels of Low Back Pain"

Contrary to the title, this post doesn't require any religious affiliation to follow; other than devoting to yourself to feel better in every day life! As a massage therapist, I can't tell you how many people come in complaining of low back pain. It is becoming more and more prevalent in today's society, but why is that?

One of the big factors playing in to low back pain is all the sitting we do throughout the day. When we sit down and stare at computer screens, tablets, and phones the tendency is for the screens to suck you in, literally. You end up slouching, hips sucked under, head forward, and belly crunched; this is not how the body was meant to do for hours upon hours on a daily basis. The body is meant to move and be active! It does wonders for your body when you get going and do at least some activity daily. A short walk on your lunch can be just the thing to get you out of the daily screen driven grind. Keeping muscles loose and moving, aka doing the job they're designed for, is the best way to keep yourself functioning and moving better!

You work hard and use the same muscles daily with bad posture, what do you do now? Here are 4 big muscles you can work through to release and stretch to help alleviate that nagging low back pain. So here we go, giving you muscular gold right here.

1. Iliopsoas

2. Quadratus Lumborum

3. Glutes (maximus, minimus, medius)

4. Hamstrings

Soak up those names, think about them, dream about them, and then continue reading my next posts for all juicy muscle details!