Better Kinesiotape Results!

I love using kinesiotape for different things, from reducing swelling, to helping retrain the body. It is a tool that can be applied at home to help with different aspects of training, but remember like other modalities, it’s not a fix all!


This is a photo of a kinesiotape tape job I did for some joint line swelling I had after a hard weekend of snowboarding. This was taken 4 days and 5 showers after application and still looks pristine! It ended up lasting another day and half before I removed it to use a different type of tape job. Here are some tips to make your kinesiotape more effective and last longer!

1. Make sure the area you are going to tape is clean shaven.

2. Make sure it is clean of lotions or oils- best to do after a shower and use rubbing alcohol or alcohol swab to clean area and let dry.

3. DO NOT TOUCH the sticky side of the tape with your fingers! Lay it in place using the backing.

4. Make sure your anchors are well placed; rub the backing over the tape to warm up and activate the glue.

5. Tape typically lasts 3-5 days depending on movement, showering, and application.

6. If there’s any pain, discomfort, or itching/reaction to adhesive; discontinue use. 

That’s it! A kinesiotape job done well will help get you back to the activities you enjoy most! Feel free to comment or get in touch if you have any questions! And don’t forget, bookings are available for in office kinesiotaping from the professional ; )! Happy taping all!